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Spotlight on “Real Estate is a Noble Field.”

Noble Fields School of Real Estate, lots of

Noble Fields School of Real Estate and Appraisal has been an active Daly City Colma Chamber member since 2007. Professor and Director Noble Fields established the school in 1985. The school is approved to operate in the State of California by the Department of Real Estate and the Bureau of Real eled with her family, on a Greyhound Bus, to Fresno, California. Noble worked in thEstate Appraisers, to provide Real Estate, Sales Agents, Broker, and Appraisal courses. With the Covid-19 pandemic the school offers both virtual and live course instruction with a live teacher.

At 10 years of age, Noble (Lee) Fields, left Oakwood, Texas, trave Cotton Fields until the age of 18 when she joined the Army. I learned that Noble married at age 25 and divorced her husband as he drank. In 1974 she retired from the U.S. Army with an Honorable Discharge. She studied Law at Lincoln Law School of San Jose and East Bay Law School and graduated with a JD. Noble spoke about her education ending with “I met Dean Brown at East Bay Law school and graduated with a JD!” I learned that Noble is a Motivational Speaker for various High Schools and Colleges, an Annual Speaker at the San Francisco Mints’ February Black History Month; Past President of the California Association of Real Estate Brokers Inc.; President of the California Real Estate Education Association; elected to serve as Vice-President/Recording Secretary-North for California Real Estate Educators. Ms. Fields works with numerous organizations of higher learning for upgrades and developing information. In addition to these and other activities, Noble makes time for the San Francisco School Volunteers.

We then began talking about Real Estate. Noble said, “I fell into real estate, after Army retirement at the Presidio of San Francisco November 21, 1974, with a brass band and all. I got a job with the National Alliance of Businessmen, a federal job getting jobs for Veterans and going on television to interview people who needed jobs.”

She continued, “Then I got into real estate, big time. Made more money a cotton picker ever made. I then started a real estate school, still going strong. The education achieved from Law School afforded me on preparing contracts. I spent money on placing my photo on a billboard and was discovered by the manager of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. He wanted me to discuss how I became so successful. You see, when important people see things like a billboard, displaying advertising about a Real Estate School, you had to be successful.

In closing, Noble said, “I will give you an idea of what I believe Success really is. These words were given to be by Lena T. Agurs ‘Success is speaking words of praise.’


Noble Fields Contact Info:
Noble Fields School of Real Estate
6121 Mission Street
Daly City, CA 94014-2002
(415) 608-1388

428-A Oakland Avenue,Oakland, Ca 94611
(510) 817-4237

noblefields6@gmail.com https://www.noblefields.com/

Call (415) 608-1388 for Notary Public Serices

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