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Register by e-mail staff@dccchamber.org or by mail. Click here to download membership form, complete and send along with your payment (credit card # or check) to Daly City / Colma Chamber of Commerce 362 Gellert Boulevard, Daly City, CA 94015

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I hereby subscribe, as the annual dues, the for the purpose of underwriting the activities of the Daly City Colma Chamber of Commerce. I understand that I have a choice of paying for the first year at the standard membership rate. I would like to take advantage of the special introductory rate for a 2 year commitment being billed for the standard membership rate for the first year plus pay an additional $99.00 for the second year.

Dues are subject to approval of the Board of Directors and may be a TAX DEDUCTABLE item. Membership shall be continuous unless cancelled by written resignation.Click here to download and complete Membership Form. Email completed membership form to staff@dccchamber.org.

Daly City/Colma
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It’s easy to join, just fill out the membership form and mail your application and send along with your payment (credit card # or check) to Daly City / Colma Chamber of Commerce 362 Gellert Blvd., Daly City, CA 94015

Questions? Contact Us: staff@dccchamber.org. Staff is on-line to assist you.
* Introductory Special is $99.00 for the first year with a two year membership commitment.

* All Chamber dues may be deductible from State and Federal Income Taxes as business expense. They are not considered deductible as charitable contribution.



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Daly City Colma Chamber of Commerce
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